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Do The Hula

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“What I know for sure is that when I try to control things outside of my hula hoop I need to refocus on myself. I need to ask myself what am I afraid of? Am I trying to manipulate a … Read More

Go Deep

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When under, remember the surface. When on the surface, remember the deep. When our days are turbulent and troubled, our challenge is to remember that the wave is not the sea. Though it pounds us, the pounding will pass. Though … Read More

Willingness changes everything.

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“Each day I become aware of the attitudes and behaviors I display that are fear-based, judgmental, controlling, and unloving. When I recognize these things about myself, I admit them to myself, and call forth the presence and energy of divine, … Read More

Ya gotta have faith

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“ Is what you are asking for in alignment with your spiritual purpose? Often we pray, plead, beg for what we want to become a reality. Praying, begging, or pleading with God is not a show of faith. It is … Read More

How sweet the sound

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It’s a cool and cloudy memorial day morning 2018 in Bandon. Mark and I stroll towards the pier, killing time until Tony’s Crab Shack opens. A crowd has gathered near the harbor entrance so we make our way to investigate. … Read More

She let go

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She let go. Without a thought or a word, she let go. She let go of fear. She let go of the judgments. She let go of the confluence of opinions swarming around her head. She let go of the … Read More

The end of suffering

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Suffering begins when you mentally name or label a situation in someway as undesirable or bad. You resent a situation and that resentment personalizes it and brings in a reactive “me.” Naming and labeling are habitual, but that habit can … Read More

Stumbling blocks or stepping-stones?

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“Know that a whole and happy life is not free of obstacles. Quite the contrary, a whole and happy life is riddled with obstacles-they simply become the very stepping-stones that help lift us to a new perspective.”

Be The Gatekeeper

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You are the keeper of the keys. You are the guard at the gate. Waiting in line to go through that door is love. And also hate. In line to enter is gentle peace. And also violent war. You must … Read More

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